External Meeting Invitations

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External Meeting Invitations

As shown in Meeting Invitations a meeting in CRM will be transferred to Outlook (by the Exchange synchronization) without the external participants.


If you want to send meeting invitations to the external parties using Outlooks meetings invitations, you can do it this way:



1.Create the meeting in CRM and add internal as well as external participants to the meeting. (The internal participants will be invited automatically by the Exchnage sync within the next 15 minutes).

2.To invite external participants, click the button labelled "Invite" on the activity screen.

3.This will create an appointment of type meeting in your Outlook calendar. With solely you and the external parties added. And without the CRM notes from the activity.

4.Open the appointment in Outlook (no invitations has been sent yet) and add text, subject and other data to your likening.

5.Click the "Send invitations" in Outlook.



Appointments created in Outlook in this way will not be synchronized back to CRM. This prevents the sending of renewed invitations without your knowledge. And thereby you are the sole person responsible of the further course of work with the customer to move / confirm / cancel the meeting.


The downside pt. is that although ChannelCRM "knows" that the meeting (with invitations to external) are linked to a CRM activity, the latter are not automatically kept in sync. Since you as the meeting organizer - in your Outlook calendar - can see both the external and internal (CRM) version of the agreement side by side, it is relatively easy to detect when you and an external participant has agreed to move the meeting. And yes, then you have to move it into CRM.


The procedure is as above for four reasons:


No invitations to external participants, with your internal notes visible, are to be sent.

No unnecessary updates are to be sent to the external participants, just because you or your colleagues make changes to activity notes or other internal relations.

Invitations are only to be sent when you actively confirm it and where you have the opportunity to change.

Guidelines from Microsoft about Best Practices in the use of Outlook and meeting invitations are followed.