Meeting Invitations

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Meeting Invitations

When you create a meeting in CRM a meeting appointment will be created in your Outlook by the Exchange synchronization.


If the meeting has participants - other than yourself - the following will happen:


Internal patrticipants.

1.Those of your collegues participating in the meeting, will be added as participants in Outlook.

2.As a result meeting invitations will be sent (as would be the case if you had created the meeting in Outlook by hand).

3.These invitations will display information from the CRM meeting. Including meeting notes.

External participants.

1.External participants are not added to the Outlook meeting. This is avoided for two reasons:

a.External participants should most likely not have access to the notes you and your coworkers have entered in CRM.

b.To avoid sending meeting invitation updates to your external participants without your consent and without you being able to stop it.



If you would like to invite external parties using Outlook see External Meeting Invitations.