Exchange Synchronization

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Exchange Synchronization

If you are using Office 365 Business Edition, you have the ability to synchronize data directly with Exchange (the mail and calendar server in Office365). The same applies if you are using Exchange in a different context. As long as it is open for access from the Internet (EWS).


Exchange Synchronization has great advantages:


Your sent and received e-mails are automatically detected and copied into the correct context in ChannelCRM, just one of the recipient / sender is known and e-mail address is in your CRM.

Your calendar is automatically synchronized so that they appear similar in CRM and Outlook.

Relevant contacts from CRM is automatically transferred so you can see them in Outlook. (And your phone displays the contact's name when receiving a call from a customer).

Once setup this synchronization occurs regardless of whether you open Outlook or not.



Exchange Synchronization can be used in conjunction with the Office AddIn.