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InfoTags are a kind of dynamic stamps that you and your staff can put on almost everything in ChannelCRM.

Eg. a contact "stamped" with "Newsletter" can thus easily be shown in a group with others who have the same stamp - and probably should have sent a newsletter.


For each stamp it can easily be seen who placed it. And when.


Pick Lists are lists of the stamps for that for your company is relevant to use. And there are different pick lists for contacts, companies, projects, sales opportunities.


Building pick lists


Picking Lists for Info Tags are available via the main menu More.. / Setup / Info Tags.



In these lists, you can simply click Add, whereby a new Infotag can be created. By default, the new InfoTag already with the Pre-text as the last marked Infotag. It is easier to keep track of its Info Tags if you build them hierarchically. Eg. to bring together all interests under "Interests" ( "Interest.Soccer", "Interest.Golf", etc.).

You will find that over time the vloume of Info Tags grows - and then some structure not out of the way.


Active column you use to determine whether a InfoTag still can be attached. It may be that a InfoTag such as "TradeShow2011" is not relevant anymore.


As shown in the tabs above the list, there are separate pick lists for companies, contacts, projects, activities, opportunities, campaigns and contracts. This is partly to make it easier for users (so they do not find "Newsletter" as a InfoTag they can put on a contract), partly also to give structure to the work.


Use of InfoTags - put an InfoTag on a Company


Når en InfoTag skal sætte på et element (her firma som eksempel), vælges under firma fanen InfoTags.

When you place an InfoTag on an item (in this company as an example), select the Infotags tab.



At a glance you can see what tags are already on the company and by whom and when.


A new tag is added by clicking "Add" and select the tag in the dialog:



In the dialog you can chose from the pick list. And you can even add a value (could be expertise level if the tag reflects a certain expertise).



Click Save and the Infotag is added.





Use of Infotags - show companies having a specific Infotag


Most searches can be filtered by Infotag.



Infotag advantages


Info Tags are a very easy way for users to add information without having to look for it - or spell correctly.

Info Tags are very easy to use as a search criterion, for example to add contacts / companies to campaign.

Info Tags allow you to clean up or reorganize information when it is nessescary.

Info Tags are 100% part of the standard solution. You do not end up with a system that can not be upgraded because you have added new fields.