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Contacts in ChannelCRM are employees in companies. When we call the contacts it is because in CRM we most concerned in having the employees ,that you have or could have contact with, registered. There is normally no need to have all employees registered. And there is also no place you can buy this information.


The first tab "Details" shows contact information and links. It also shows a list of activities that are directly related to the contact contact. Eg. e-mails in which the person is the sender or recipient.


There is also a button "Off / On Outlook Sync", which you can turn on / off whether the contact is also to appear in your Outlook.



Next tab "Info Tags" shows the Info Tags associated with the contact.


Tab "Photo" is used if you find needs to show a photograph of the contact. Often the images can be found on the customer site. And it is in any case a great advantage to have photos to look at, if you as a new account executive are to take over a customer.




The tabs "Opportunities", "Campaigns," "Projects" and "More ..." displays information associated with the current contact or where the contact is involved.


Tab "Positions" is special: Here you can track a persons previous employments. When a person changes job, it translates to CRM by creating a new "version" of the person. But the old version information is retained, so you do not lose the history. Tab "Positions" hold track of the two (or more) versions of the same human and reflects different positions over time.


In ChannelCRM you may often rely on that the combination of first and last names are unique, when it is within a company. Better perhaps it would be to select the e-mail address, but the challenge here the challenge is that you will often have many contacts when you do not know their e-mail addresses.