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In ChannelCRM is data collected into logical units (entities) that adequately reflect the real world. Eg. information on a company is gathered in the entity company. While information about the employees of the company are gathered in a number of entities of the type contact. The entity contact is so attached to the entity company as a many-to-one, because there may be 0.1 or many employees in a company.


An activity is a different type of entity that is used to record data about events and actions. A meeting is an activity, an email, a phone call and so on. Activities can simultaneously be linked to company, users, project, opportunity, project, campaign and more. It may sound complicated, but in daily use it is easy. And that is the way reality is structured: A meeting is linked to meeting participants, with the companies they represent, with the opportunity it comes and so on.


These connections make it easy to find data again and to obtain assurance that you can see all relevant information when you need it. As an example open a company and see immediately letters, meetings, emails, sales, ... linked with the company or is planned for the company and its employees.