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A company in CRM is basic information about the company (name, addresses, telephone numbers, website and more) and - via linked entities: Sales, offers, employees, activities, projects, campaigns, ...


The first tab "Details" shows the information you most likely will need first: Addresses, contact information, ownership and relationships. Far right (below) you can see two additional fields: "Area" and "Number of Machines". These are custom fields and will not be shown on your site.


Under the basic information displays a list of all activities linked to the company. E-mails, meetings, letters and so on. The activities are listed with the most recent on top, but you can change the sorting by clicking on the column titles.




Next tab shows the contacts that are registered on the company. You probably noticed that one "Peter Jensen" also appeared on the first tab. That's because there can be registered one of the contacts as the primary contact. This is not required - just handy if most of your contact with the company is via a single person.




Next tab "Organisation" draws a simple organizational chart of the contacts.





The remaining tabs "Info Tags", "Opportunities", "Sales", "Campaigns", "NACE", "Projects", Appointments "," More ... "displays information associated with the current company.


Decide early on what you will treat as a company entity. Eg. it is rarely enough to call a company Novo. There's at least 50 business units that are part of the Novo Group or related companies. In Denmark it is often easiest to choose a firm is uniquely identified by the combination of CVR number and production unit number. The combination is namely also unique in our Danish Business Register.

But if you work internationally, it is perhaps better to use the DUNS number or something else.


Uniqueness in any visible field is not a requirement to use ChannelCRM. But it facilitates data enrichment and helps to protect against duplicates if at least one combination of fields are uniquely identifying the company.