Company Relation

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Company Relation

Here are the relationships that exist between your company and other businesses. Relations are most easily as the roles of the other companies have for your business.



Typical relation are: Customer, Prospect, Competitor and Vendor.


Please be aware the a relation cannot be removed when just one company in the database is marked with the relation.






In our experience it is best to keep the number of relationships is relatively small. Eg. as the typical ones above. Avoid putting more meaning into the relation. An example "Sorens Customers" is not a suitable relationship. It is better to use "Customer" and then put Soren in as KAM.


If a company can appear in more than one relationship (eg. Both a customer and reseller), you can the put two relations on the company: a primary and a secondary. If a campaign target selection is based on relation, a company will join the target when just one (primary or secondary) of these relationships are met.


The additional columns: "Is customer", "Is competitor" and "Is sales channel" is used in the system to make it easier to select companies. When you, for example on an opportunity, try to link to a competitor, the lookup field only show companies with a relationship that is marked as being a competitor.