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Fill in the fields as relevant. Especially the fields Firstnames, Lastnames and e-mail address1 are important.


The fields labelled "User Access", "Assignable" and "Excluded from data" bears special meanings:


User Access: This will normally be checked. If you later on remove the logon for the user, the field will change into un-checked indicating that the user have no access.

Assignable: Check this field if the user information are to be used actively in the system - like setting the user as KAM for a customer or like creating a meeting with the user participating. Normally you will leave this field checked.

Excluded from data: This field is like a "soft delete" in the sense that the user will not show up in drop-down fields for assigning nor searching/filtering. The setting is mostly used for previous employees when all relevant entities (Companies, Contacts, Projects etc.) has been re-assigned to present employees.