Navigating CRM

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Navigating CRM

Virtually everything in ChannelCRM is navigable. This means that you can click on it and thereby go for further information on the subject.

You can see that there can be navigated by the cursor appears as a hand. On a mobile device, you cannot see the cursor, but you get used quickly to what can be navigated from and what not.


As a general rule single-clicks will navigate.


When you need to move "backwards" in the system (as if you come from a list of companies and have opened one of the companies by clicking on the list and now want to return to the list), then use the "Back" button in the window's lower right corner. If it is a editing you are doing, you can also just click save (floppy disk icon).


No matter how far inside the system you are, you can return to the system home page (home page) by clicking on the big CCRM-logo top left.


Yuo enter data in most firlds just by typing text. However, other fields are lookup fields - such as when in a company you will select the person who is the primary contact. Here you can click the arrow in the box and then select from a list, but you can also just start typing the name in the box. ChannelCRM will then automatically build up an electoral list it to match the entries.


And as a little bonus: In many places, it is not necessary to type at all. To create a company can be done through the automatic access to the business register and in many places the system will even be able to calculate the content from the place you are. For example, planning a follow-up activity from am existing phone call activity. Here the system can figure out which person in which company and for what opportunity, it is all about. So everything except time is pre-filled.