Elliminate Company Doublet

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Elliminate Company Doublet

From time to time you will find that the same company (in the real world) will be created in two or more versions of CRM. This is not healthy. Just think of the scenario that the two versions may have different Key Account Manager. Or worse: That some actions, contracts, sales, etc. are registered on one version, while others will be registered on the other.


If you have identified two companies that ought to be one, you can merge them.


1.You open the merge function from the company search. Make a search showing at least one of the companies.

2.Click the "More" and select "Merge companies"





3.In the merge screen you will then see data from the two selected companies.


If you have opened the merge function with only one company selected, this one will be in the left column you can then use the company selector at the top of the right column to select the duplicate.


The merge function works such that:


Basic data

Here it is the values in the left column that gets priority. Is there - as an example - are phone numbers for both versions, it will be the left one that gets priority. You can copy / paste the individual values if there are conflicts not be best resolved by taking the left value.


Linked data (activities, contacts, ...)

Here, data from both the left and the right version is assembled in the permanent company. You will therefore for example not loose activity notes which are collected under the doublet.




Click the "Merge companies" button to complete the merge. After completing the merge the resulting company screen will be opened.



NB: There are situations in which a merge can not be implemented. Eg. if the original and the duplicate is attached to different companies in your accounting system. Here, it could lead to inconsistencies if we just merge in CRM without you handling the situation in the financial system. Eg. by declaring the duplicate inactive.