Contacts with no Company

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Contacts with no Company

The list cleanup shows the contacts that are created in the system, without being attached to a company. This can happen for two reasons:


1.You yourself have created the contact in haste and without time to assign/create the company.

2.You have used ChannelCRM Outlook AddIn to trace an e-mail in which at least one of the participants was not known by CRM.


In the example below, the two people without company: "Erling" (which has e-mail and therefore in category 1 (created in haste) and "test", which only has e-mail, and therefore probably is created via Outlook AddIn'en .


In both cases you can find company by clicking the edit button (the pencil) in the appropriate row.



his opens a dialog where you can choose between the companies that are already in your CRM, create a company using the CVR-connector or create a company manually.


Of course you may also edit the data for the individual by simply clicking on the person's name column.