Discussions as invited

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Discussions as invited

You will find discussions by the main menu "More / Discussions". This will list the discussions on which you are invited as well as discussions owned by you.




In the example there is one discussion listed. Click to open.


Tab Discussion



In the upper part you will see the discussion topic and the deadline for input.


Below are shown posts on the topic itself. By pressing the buttons "New post" you can post your own comments.




Bottommost you will find the button "Status". Use this to mark how far you are in the process.


Tab Companies


For discussions with companies attached, this tab will list the companies:



During the discussion you can follow all comments/posts and you can create your own input.


The list can be filteres by KAM. Use this if there are many companies in the list and you want to focus on those having you as KAM.



For each company a number of fields are shown:


The company name. Clicking this field will open the company window allowing you to see all information pertinent to the company.


Key Account Manager for the company.



No Go



In cases where the goal is to have any kind og action taken on the companies - use this mark.


Signifies that the company is excluded for further actions as part of this discussion.


Shows the posts made by discussion participants. Most recent post topmost.


By clicking a row (apart from in the company column), a dialog will open allowing for changing the check-marks and new posts.





Press Save and the post (as well as check marks) will be reflected in the list.



Bottommost you will find a button "Add". Use this to add companies to the discussion. The button will only be visible if the owner of the discussion has allowed adding companies.