Discussions as owner

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Discussions as owner

You create a new discussion by main menu - level 2 - and clicking the button "Discussions".



In this example no discussions exists aforehand - the list is empty. In other cases the list will show discussions on which you are invites to participate or discussions having you as owner.


To create a new discussion click the button "Add":


Tab Discussion



In the example, a response deadline has been inserted (which the participants can see), a presentation to the discussion, and it has been decided to let companies (here prospects) be associated. It is also chosen that the participants should be able to add more companies as desired.



Field list:



A line of text describing the discussion. This text will be listed in overviews, so best to include subject and purpose.


In most cases you will be the owner and this field is filled in automatically. But you may decide to transfer ownership of the discussion.


Start date of the discussion (for information only).


Deadline date for posting comments to the discussion.


Used to close the discussion. Setting closed to Yes will remove the discussion from participant view. The discussion will not be removed/deleted though.

Include companies

Set Yes to include companies to the discussion. Companies on which each can have comments posted.

Include contacts

Allow for contacts to be selected for each company.

Allow adding companies

Set Yes to allow for the discussion participants to add more companies to the discussion.

Allow excluding companies

Set Yes to allow the discussion participants to mark companies as excluded. (It's only a mark - no real deletion as the information has to be kept).


The starting post of the discussion.


Below the starting post you will see any other comments posted to the discussion itself. You may also yourself add posts by clicking the button "New post".


Bottommost is the button "Show as participant". Use the to get a preview of the discussion as it will be seen by participants.


Tab Companies



In this tab you will include companies that are to be part of the discussion. You can add companies one by one using the button "Add". But you may also use the general company search list to select relevant companies. And the - in the company search list - click the button "More / Add to discussion". This way you may - as an example - add all existing customers to a discussion.


The company list (in the discussion) can be filtered by Key Account Manager (KAM).


For each company a number of fields may show:


The company name. Clicking this field will open the company window allowing you to see all information pertinent to the company.


Key Account Manager for the company.



No Go



In cases where the goal is to have any kind og action taken on the companies - use this mark.


Signifies that the company is excluded for further actions as part of this discussion.


Shows the posts made by discussion participants. Most recent post topmost.


By clicking a row (apart from in the company column), a dialog will open allowing for changing the check-marks and new posts.



(As seen there is also a Delete button. This button is only visible for the discussion owner. Pressing the button will do an actual remove of the company from the discussion.)


Press Save and the post (as well as check marks) will be reflected in the list.




Even though you are the owner of the discussion you may also do posts yourself.


Tab Participants


This tab lists the users invited to the discussion. For each there is also markings on whether they have started to participate and whether they have completed.



You may invite participants by use of the first four buttons:


Select users

Select each user to invite.

Invite KAMs

In case you have already included a list of companies to the discussion, this button will include all the Key Account Managers of the companies to the participant list. For companies with a team as KAM, all team members will be included.

Invite all

Just invite all current users as participants.

Remove all

Empty the list.


The last button "Create mail to all participants" will open a new mail with the participants as recipients. You can edit the mail before sending it.