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A contract is used to record information about the agreements that exist with your company's customers (or suppliers). The contract consists of a series of base information such as title, duration, when it should be renegotiated, as well as information about who is involved from the customer and your own business.


To a contract you can upload documents (often PDF files), which provides the legal contract.


All this is seen simply in the contract screen:



Along base data (parties and periods) you will find several check-markings:


Master Agreement

Check if the agreement covers general topics for one or mere specific agreements.


Non Disclosure Agreement.


Check if the agreement contains warranties.


Check if the agreement relates to GDPR.


Check when the agreement is no longer valid. (We don't delete agreements as they may be relevant even years after termination).




You can also put Info Tags on contracts. They are taken from a pick list, which applies to contracts. This allows you to use just the terms, that best describe your categorizations of contracts.




Contracts can obviously be found with the search function from the main menu. But a company's current contract(s) can also be seen in the "Agreements" tab on the company screen.




Here we see in overview all existing contracts with the company. Click on the individual contract to see more details.


(In the same tab we also see prices and price list if the client has a dedicated and current price list.)