Ad Protection

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Ad Protection

Date regarding companies and contacts may be governed by the Ad Protection Act. You are required to adhere to the relevant rules and the following text should only be regarded as help to setting up the system and to learn more from the authorities.


Within ChannelCRM we put much effort into marking ad protected companies clearly as such. Thereby making it easier to avoid contacting protected entities. A requirement for this though is that the data is connected to an external supplier like CVR (Danish Business Register) or Navne & Numre Markedsdata.


Companies created in ChannelCRM by typing in data (and with no connection to CVR), are not checked for ad protection.


To allow importing external data on ad protected companies you will have to enable this option and send an e-mail with your consent to


You will need ChannelCRM Administrative Rights to do this. Your acceptance will be on behalf of your company and all users of ChannelCRM. As such you may need to inform users on rules governing ad protectet companies.


The setting is located in ChammelCRM Main menu / More... / Setup / Ad Protection.


Read more on ad protection here: CVR guidelines for ad protection