Sequence Numbers

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Sequence Numbers

Unique numbers can be generated for projects, opportunities and quotes. The decimal part of the number will be drawn in sequence, but formatting can include characters and symbols.


The way to enforce formatting is described in the screen itself (show below).



If you merge a project number into an e-mail subject the Exchange synchronisation is able to link the e-mail to the relevant project. The setup is however a little cumbersome:


1.You have to enter a Sync Prefix that is not likely to be used in other circumstances.

2.A text string identical to the chosen Sync Prefix is to be entered in the subject field in the merge template in a way so that the project number follows the prefix with no spaces in between.

3.The project number has to be either the last text in subject or to be followed by a space.


Using a Sync Prefix like "Proj#" and an actual project number like "DK-001008_AB" the resulting text would be "Other text Proj#DK-001008_AB" or "Other text Proj#DK-001008_AB (regarding)".


In the mail merge template the subject field could be like "Text Proj#0projectnumber0".