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My settings

Basic data about yourself as a user in CRM. Particularly important is the name and email address. These can be used for mail merge.


Preferred language and base time zone can be selected to allow the system to use the information in situations where the system cannot get this information from your browser settings.



Tab "Exchange" show options allowing you to choose whether and how to synchronize with Office 365 / Exchange.


To set this up you need access to your Exchange account via EWS (Exchange Web Services). This is standard for Office365 in the professional editions. But if you have Exchange on your own server - or hosted with another provider - it may be that EWS has to be configured.


To allow access to your Exchange account, enter the username you use for Exchange as well as the password you use (Exchange password - not the password to ChannelCRM). If you have a Self-Hosted Exchange may also need to write the address to the Exchange Server. In case of Office 365 the system will automatically derive this address.


Click "Test" for this entry and wait for an email that either confirms that the connection is OK, or mail showing that the connection is not established.





Next, select settings as follows:


Synchronize e-mails

Scan the folders inbox and sent e-mails for e-mails in which at least one recipient or sender is registered in CRM with the same e-mail address. For each match the e-mail is traced.

Save attachments (normally no)

If an email has attachments, these will be unpacked and stored separately.

Save email ass document (normally yes)

Save a copy of the tracked email as a document in CRM. This will allow you to open the email even if it is deleted fm your Outlook.

Synchronize Calendar

Transfer CRM meetings to your Outlook calendar and keep them in sync.

Appointments created in Outlook will be shown (but read/only) in CRM as well.

Show appointment text in ChannelCRM

Is appointment body text from Outlook appointments to be visible in CRM?

Synchronize contacts

Are contacts in CRM to be transferred to Outlook? (Only contacts flagged for sync is transferred).

Synchronize participants on meetings having myself participating

Are contacts participating in planned meetings which include you to be transferred to your Outlook?

Synchronize users to Outlook

Transfer fellow users as contacts in your Outlook.




Last tab shows only one choice field "Daily Summary". Here you can direct ChannelCRM to send you an email each night listing the planned activities for the upcoming work-day.