Import from CVR

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Import from CVR

ChannelCRM features a built-in connector to the Danish Business Register (CVR).


You can make use of this connector in three ways:


Single Import
Searching for a company in CHannelCRM will by default allow you to expand the search to CVR in case there is no match in your "own" data. Wheren you then select the company in the proposed list from CVR, data concerning the selected company will be imported.


Segment Import
You can design one or more segments based on trade codes, size, location and finance. And then have ChannelCRM import all matching companies in one go. If you leave the segment definition as "Monitored", ChannelCRM will on a frequent basis check if new companies matching the segement emerged.


Periodic Cleansing
Companies having both selectors for a CVR company ("CVR Nummer" and "Produktionsnummer") and marked as having CVR as the data-vendor, will be compared top the business register on a frequent basis. Changes will be reflected in your data automatically.