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Global Search

While the previously described searches have been structured in the manner that they seek among fixed elements (eg. Company) and with a finite number of fields as criteria, then Global search is more freestyle:


We search for many types of items at once.

Large text fields / note fields are searched too.

Text in related documents are searched as well.


This means that if you eg. searching for the word "Camera", you will find all companies where this word is included in one or another text field, people on which the same applies, activities, etc. You will find even all the activities in which an e-mail, or other document contains the word "Camera".


If this is combined with automated mail synchronization from Exchange server, then a search for "Reference" immediately obtains all the e-mails having the word "reference" included. Think, for example, on applying the same function to find all communication where the competitor's name is included.


Global search is found in the menu Global search but you can also enter your text directly into the search box on top of the main menu.





Here we have searched for the phrase "demo" and the search lists all contacts, companies, mails/letters containing "demo" in text.