CRM Messages

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CRM Messages

Using CRM Messages you can communicate subjects of CRM relevance to your colleges. Examples could be: "Take a look on this opportunity as check if it's ok" or "Charlie, I have assigned you as Key Account Manager for this account".


Messages are most efficiently created from the place you want to link to (company, contact, activity, project, opportunity, contact, campaign, ..).


Please note though, that CRM messages are not designed as an alternative to Outlook or other e-mail systems.


Create a message

All places in CRM where messages can be create will have a button with the label "Message".    


Click this button and a window like below appear:





Topmost you select the recipient. Below that you write the message text. The string "Opportunity: Furniture for the new store" is added automatically as this is the opportunity.


Further down you have the possibility to specify a date after which the message is no more relevant. Here we have clicked "Intet udløb", and as such the message will be visible until the recipient deletes it.


Press "Save" and the message is delivered.


Handy: If you do not select a recipient the message will be delivered to your own inbox. This can prove handy if you want to take a note of something to attend to later on.



Your messages

The message in the previous example was sent using the login "Demo". Now we are logged in as "Helle" to see messages from the recipient view:


Helle has pressed the button "Messages" in the main menu. As you will see there is one message in the inbox. From hereon it is quite simple: You can read the message directly and you can make use of three buttons:


Open link (in this case the opportunity).


Delete message.
This will move the message to the deleted folder. After 30 days in this folder it will be fully removed.


Forward/reply to the message.
A new message with text and link from the origin is created.




To allow you to watch for incoming messages, the inbox is shown in abbreviated form each time the man menu is visited as shown below.