Christmas Cards

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Christmas Cards

In many companies a great amount of work is used on getting the lists of greeting card recipients ready. And the work is repeated each year.


If the task itself is just to identify contacts to greet, you may create an infotag ("ChristmasCard") and let your co-workers add this tag til the relevant contacts.


But to add some structure and to cope with the request to mark which colleagues are to sign a given card - special functionality is there to help.


In the main menu select Marketing/Christmas Cards. Thereby a list of alle contacts having you as owner is shown. In the list you will find a column indication whether the contact is already marked as a recipient for you, and there is a button to change this.


Your task is to go thru the list and make sure that every contact is either marked or un-marked as you wish.


Above the list you will find more options:


Contact responsible user: Here you can select other users in case they may own contacts that should have a card signed by you.

Created since: This may be used to shorten the list by only showing contacts created after a selected date. This is more efficient especially next year as you may then only want to decide on contacts created since this Christmas.

On behalf of user: Used to select the user you may add as a signer.


When the list is completed by all users you may export the data to Excel. In the resulting sheet you will find all address fields (on the employing company level as well as on the specific contact) as well as a column listing the initials of the users flagged for signature. Thereby you may use the sheet to produce mail-merged labels as well as a circulation list for the physical signing.