Users, Teams and Business Units

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Users, Teams and Business Units

In ChannelCRM a User a special entity which is linked to almost everything in the system. A user can be Key Account Manager for a customer. A user can "own" a forecast. And it is a user who can participate in a meeting.

The current user is selected as the one logged into the system.


Users can be linked together in Teams and thus it is as an exampel possible to let a group of users be responsible for a customer. Use this if it reflects your way of working. But do not use it just because it's possible.


A user is also always linked to exactly one Business Unit. If your business operates from two locations (Copenhagen and Aarhus), it may be useful to create these locations as Business Units and thus get the correct address information into the merged letters and other things. It can also be used to make for instance forecasts shown for each Business Unit.