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You create a new campaign from the campaign list. The campaign will appear in edit mode, where you can enter the most basic characteristics:



Click "Save" and then the campaign will appear in the working mode. Lower part of the window shows the campaign's basic data and the Targets.



Topmost in the screen you will find a menu-line offering manu actions to perform on the campaign and targets:


Open the campaign for editing base data.

Refresh the target group list - may be needed if other users are working on the targets while you have the screen open.

Add to campaign targets
Various functions to add targets to the campaign.

Add companies by criteria
Add companies based on industry codes, location, segments, size, ...

Add contacts by criteria
Add contacts (including employing companies) based on criteria.

Add company by lookup
Add a selected company.

Add Contact by lookup
Add a selected contact.

Remove from campaign targets
Various functions to remove targets from the campaign.

Remove companies by criteria

Remove companies based on industry codes, location, segments, size, ...

Fjern kontaktpersoner efter kriterium

Remove contacts (including employing companies) based on criteria.

Remove selected
Select one or more targets and use this function to remove them from the campaign.

Drill Down charts to analyse the campaign targets based on location, size, ownership and industry.


Add Infotag to selected/all companies

Add Infotag to selected/all contacts

Add selected/all to new campaign

Change KAM for selected/all companies

Change owner for selected/all contacts

Assign phoners
Allocate calls to phoners (users) allowing them to access the calls from their "My campaign calls" screen.

Download spreadsheet
Save targets in Excel format including detail data. Could be used to generate MailChimp contact list.

Merge to Word document
Mail Merge based on uploaded Word template. To generate many letters you may chose to download the targets to Excel and use Words built-in Mail Merge function.

Page size
Select the number of targets to display in one page.


Show results meetings/calls

Show results sales/forecast

Campaign Progress

Close the campaign screen.



Add companies by criteria

Here we have selecetd menu "Add to campaign targets" / "Add companies by criteria". The term "Tandlæger" (dentists) is keyed into the NACE field and the NACE code 862300 as criteria.



This will result in 3.015 companies. In our case we find that this is too many for our campaign. To narrow the targets we add two criteria: Zip code between 5000 and 5999 and number of employees 10 or more.




These additional criteria results in 38 targets. For the purpose of this example this seems appropriate. Remember that you can - at a later stage - add more companies to the campaign. (Duplicates will automatically be avoided).


Press the button "Add all" to add all 38 results to the campaign targets.




This process "Find by criteria" => "Add to targets" can be repeated to the desired campaign target group is reached. You can even remove from the audience by criteria. Eg. dentists with 10-15 employees, if you later decide that the lower limit of 10 employees were too low.


When the targets have been added to the campaign - calls can begin. Either by all your users (via "My campaign calls"), or (more controlled) by using the campaign menu to assign the phoners. As soon as one phoner is assignes to the campaign is only assigned phoners who can start calls in their "My campaign calls" for this campaign.


You can even pre-assign calls to specific call center employees in groups of 10 or more calls. That way you can assign the calls to the most suited call center employees.





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